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Helpful information for your family and domestic law needs. Read our frequently asked questions to help you decide if our services are right for you.

Attorney retainers and attorney hourly rates will vary from one attorney to another. Reddy & Associates, PLLC will set the hourly rate and retainer fee per the client’s needs, the necessary levels of skill and experience, and in consideration of the nature and complexity of the case and the issues in dispute.  Please call the firm to discuss your specific case and receive a quote.

Typically, each party is responsible for paying their own attorney fees and costs. Your overall legal expenses will depend upon the complexity of your case and the disputed issues. There are ways to reduce your attorney fees and the attorneys at Reddy & Associates, PLLC can go over your options to help make hiring an attorney affordable.

The simple answer is, immediately.  Reddy & Associates, PLLC may be reached during normal business hours for immediate scheduling.  In most cases an attorney will be able to meet with you the same day.

Telephone consultations are available but it is preferred that you come in to the office to meet with the attorney in person.  When you meet with the attorney in person you are better able to assess if this is the right law firm to represent you. 

To make an appointment simply call or text (918) 947-8102, send an email to or use the form on the website.

The most important thing to bring with you is a list of questions you have for your attorney.

The more information you can obtain up-front, the better. Consider bringing documentation of income, expenses, assets, and debts. This includes such things as deeds to real estate, certificates of title to motor vehicles, business formation and operating documents, tax returns, financial statements, retirement, investment and bank account statements,  and credit card statements. If you do not have these documents just write down as much information as you can remember.

Depending on the case you may also consider writing down examples and specific instances of problems that need to be addressed. You should also bring a list of potential witnesses, and the contact information for the opposing party.

Reddy & Associates, PLLC provides a range of legal services. The firm focuses on the areas of family law, probate and estate planning, contract review, and laws and regulations that impact Native American or indigenous peoples. If you are not sure if the firm focuses on your area of law simply call or text the firm and we will answer your question.

Reddy & Associates, PLLC provides flat fee, limited fee, and litigation fee services. If you have an agreed divorce or paternity action, estate planning or a limited probate action you will likely only pay a flat rate fee, meaning an upfront fixed fee. If your case involves a limited transaction such as reviewing a divorce or paternity decree, reviewing pleadings you intend to file with the court, or reviewing a contract, you will likely only pay a limited fee meaning you only pay for what you need. Litigation fee services are available for those who are unable to reach an agreement with their opposing party or who have complex litigation issues. Litigation fee services are billed hourly.

Every case is different and no firm can predict how long any given case will take to complete. There are, however, some approximate guidelines.

A divorce without minor children can be completed in as little as seventy-two hours and by law a divorce with minor children has a mandatory waiting period of ninety days.

A general guardianship for a minor child or an incapacitated adult may take anywhere from three to six months.

A summary administration probate takes approximately 45-60 days. A standard probate takes approximately 6-12 months.

Estate plans can be completed in as little as two weeks with rush service by availability.

Transactional work for contract or document review can be completed as quickly as 24-48 hours with same day service by availability.