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The family law services below are simple, one-time fee options that you can pay and order online for your convenience. We offer document preparation for deeds, transfers, and contract. In addition, we also offer estate planning, probate, and divorce or paternity decrees. These online services are perfect for clients who know what they need and have all relevant information prepared in advance. Click “select options” for more information about specific services. 


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If you require special help or have unique circumstances, feel free to contact us and schedule your free 30-minute consultation. Telephone appointments are available, but we recommend coming into the office and meeting in person for the best legal experience.

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Information About Litigation Fees:

Litigation is billed by the hour. Additionally a retainer payment is required. Attorney retainers and attorney hourly rates will vary from one attorney to another. Reddy & Associates, PLLC will set the hourly rate and retainer fee per the client’s needs, the necessary levels of skill and experience, and in consideration of the nature and complexity of the case and the issues in dispute.  Please call the firm to discuss your specific case and receive a quote.

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