Should I Have an Open Adoption?

Open adoptions were introduced not too long ago. Closed adoptions were the only choice, and both parents and children were left with little information about the other. 

While both open and closed adoptions have their benefits, many choose to adopt openly to keep the family ties open. 

Here are the facts about open adoption in Oklahoma.

What Is An Open Adoption?

As stated earlier, open adoptions have become increasingly more common in the past few years. Simply put, open adoption is an adoption in which the birth parents and adoptive family keep in touch and share information during and after the adoptive process. 

They might know each other’s addresses, phone numbers, or emails, and communicate through text messages and photos.

Open Adoption Process

The open adoption process is three steps: pre-placement, placement, and post-placement.

Pre Placement

During the pre-placement process, an introduction call will occur between the mother and prospective parents. 

An adoption specialist will typically be on the phone to naturally guide the conversation and allow both sides to ask and answer questions as needed. If requested, the adoptive parents can give their phone number to the birth mom to keep in contact and get to know each other better. 

During this time, they may begin discussing what the terms of their open adoption will be.


The next step of the adoption process occurs during placement, which usually happens at the hospital. Some birth mothers choose to have the adoptive parents in the room with her. 

This is typically the most emotional step for everyone involved, as it’s often the first time both parties are meeting in person.

Post Placement

After the child has been placed with the adoptive family, the parents will contact the birth parents. 

Depending on their agreement, the adoptive parents may send regular letters and photos to keep the birth parents up to date with the child’s growth. They may schedule to meet up once or twice a year in person, but this is up to the parents’ discretion.

Benefits of Open Adoption

There are several benefits to choosing open adoption. For starters, your child will have the opportunity to learn about their birth parents and have regular contact. 

This often results in your child having a happy and loving relationship with their birth parents. 

The post-adoption agreement will likely include regular pictures and text messages that let the birth parents know how their child is doing. 

Both parties will determine how often they wish to meet, and if they will do so in person or through a video call. While each case will be unique, an open adoption will always involve some form of contact with both sets of parents.

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