Fighting for Custody in Oklahoma

Are you fighting for custody in Oklahoma? Where custody is concerned, the courts always consider the best interests of the child. Legally, there are many elements to address, such as the type of custody being sought by both parents, visitation rights, and whether the parents will get along well enough to properly execute court orders.

Our skilled Tulsa child custody lawyers can assist you in understanding and addressing the following elements of a child custody battle:

  • Types of Custody – It is essential to identify the type of custody you are seeking. Perhaps you only want the ability to weigh in on the child’s welfare, or maybe you are convinced that the child should live with you. Reddy & Feldhake, P.C. can help you choose the legal path specific to your custody goals.
  • Custody Evaluations – The courts evaluate a number of factors when determining who would be best suited for child custody. Our skilled Tulsa child custody lawyers can paint you in the best possible light to ensure you gain the custody rights you deserve.
  • Custody Hearings – Custody hearings can be brutal, with the opposition claiming that you are an unfit parent in order to rob you of a future with your child. Let us prepare you for custody hearings so that you are fully equipped to combat any false claims.

Complex Custody Issues

There are custody matters that arise after the initial court ruling is made. Custody arrangements can be modified in various ways, some of which can be devastating to both parents and children. In addition, third parties may demand visitation rights for the well-being of the child. Reddy & Feldhake, P.C. is well-equipped to help you handle the following:

  • Modifying Custody – In many cases, custody arrangements can be altered if one of the parents is able to prove that circumstances have changed. The custody lawyers at Reddy & Feldhake, P.C. can help you prove your preferred child custody situation is in the best interests of your child.
  • Relocating a Child – When one parent decides to move a child out of state, the other parent will often object to the relocation of the child.  Protect your parental rights by allowing Reddy & Feldhake. P.C. to use their years of legal experience to fight a relocation request or assert your right to relocate with your child.
  • Grandparent Rights – If you are a grandparent, you have the right to request visitations with your grandchild. The relationship between a grandparent and a grandchild is essential for normal development, so call our Tulsa child custody lawyers at Reddy & Feldhake, P.C. to see how we can fight for you.

Modifying Custody

Disputes regarding child custody tend to be very contentious and emotional for everyone involved. While in an ideal world, child custody issues should be mutually agreed on by parents without the difficulty of litigation, this is often not the case. Even though custodial arrangements may have been agreeable at one time, parents may experience a change in circumstances that results in the need for modification.

Asking a court to grant a change of custody can be a complicated and drawn-out process. You need an experienced family law attorney by your side who has a compassionate and objective grasp of the issues in your case to fully explore all of your legal options with you. If you are facing a child custody issue, call an experienced child custody lawyer at Reddy & Feldhake, P.C. at (918) 947-8102 for a free consultation.

Substantial Change in Circumstances

To request a modification of child custody or visitation arrangements, a parent has to show the court that there is a substantial change in circumstances that affects the child’s welfare. Additionally, the parent has to prove that modification would serve the best interests of the child. In making this determination for the child’s best interests, the court looks at many factors, including:

  • Parental relocation to a new geographic area
  • Employment change
  • Remarriage
  • Drug or alcohol abuse
  • Evidence of neglect or abuse
  • The health of parents and other adults involved in care
  • Change in living arrangement
  • The ability of parents to care for the child

The court will consider whether these factors may substantially disrupt the stability of the life of the child. If circumstances threaten the safety and health of the child, child custody is more likely to be altered.

Process for Modification

To request a change of child custody or visitation arrangements, a parent must first file an appropriate motion with the court. The court may then try to facilitate a resolution to see if the parents can reach an agreement. It is important to remember that under Oklahoma law the court has to consider the need for both parents to have frequent and continuing contact with the child unless that is contrary to the child’s best interests. If the parents can’t reach an agreement, then the court will schedule a hearing and consider evidence regarding the motion for modification of child custody.

Contact an Experienced Child Custody Lawyer and Fight for Your Parental Rights

Custody battles can be unpleasant. You may be facing severe opposition when all you want is the right to spend time with your child or grandchild. If you believe that you are being treated unfairly in a fight for child custody, contact our Tulsa child custody lawyers at  Reddy & Feldhake, P.C. to see how we can help. With years spent fighting for parental rights, we know the most effective methods for achieving the desired outcome in your case. Call at (918) 947-8102 for a free consultation.

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